Friday, July 23, 2010

print edition + 6 new tapes

huge silkscreened folder containing 32 stencilprinted sheets. with contributions by these 34 folks:

Karen Constance, Louise Kelpe, Dennis Tyfus, Rasmus Emmanuel Svensson, Jonas Frederiksen, Hundebiss Records, Sumi Ink Club, Lieven Martens, Heath Morland, Roope Eronen, Allan Rand, Marcel Türkowsky, Dylan Nyoukis, Joshua Petherick, Benedictine Curtain, Balthazar Berling, Zeloot, Alexander Krone, Xavier Garcia Bardon, Etienne Duguay, Gijs Deddens, Brent Wadden, Nora Halpern, Jeff Hartford, Massimiliano Bomba, E*Rock, Hannah Giese, Daniel Luedtke, Lauren Pakradooni, Eva Marie Rødbro, Cosmo Knex, Jonas Ohlsson.

B4 size, limited to 100 copies - sold out

New solo album of L. Pakradooni, in which she creates landscapes of tapeloop frenzy, fuzzy vocals and synth warps. In her live sets PAK makes magical compositions out of a pile of loop cassettes, which she knows by heart and layers up to heavy, almost songlike structures. "Shampoo" has this quality, but also features more quiet, intimate parts. 
A beautiful cassette, loaded with found sounds and stories of the past and future. PAK lives in Providence, Rhode Island.
orange C15 in stencilprinted cover - sold out

Two outstanding figures in the tape music scene of Antwerp and Berlin join to fill a side each of this release. Türkowsky contributes a piece that documents a live performance at Teufelsberg on 20th December 2009, an atmospheric long track played on 7 gongs, memory tapes, environment, bodies & secrets. The Dolphins side is made of two prose poems and a prologue - three shimmering pearls of underwater sound poetry.
silkscreened C26 in stencilprinted cover - sold out

summer is here! 90 minutes of heatwave jams by these two Music City inhabitants. On the A-side Brocoli is mixing primal hip hop gems on the edge between disco and rap. Slick productions including spaced out synth bubbles and sharp lyrics meet rough recordings of drunk kids practicing in the studio. The lyrical aspect makes it a super intense listen! On the B-side Bongo Man serves us his ever magical eclectic mix of sweet world music. He is a true missionary of the good times dance floor and this mix again shows his ability in guiding us through diverse styles in a smooth and suprising flow. African no wave, ecstatic Congolaise guitars, obscure dub pearls and more rarely heard sounds!
C90 in stencilprinted cover + tracklist - sold out
free for download here:!!!

Two "minimal techno" tracks by Philadelphia's Ren Schofield (of God Willing, Form A Log and the I Just Live Here label). Stressing the monotone with an itch. 
A rave banger on the A-side and a static pulse on the flip.
C20 in stencilprinted cover - sold out

BERTIN - mini
An album of 9 miniatures by Bertin van Vliet out of Nijmegen. The minimalistic theme goes through in the titles of the songs, which are simply listings of the instruments used. Bertin is situated somehow within the electronic music entertainers with a twist, which makes me think of the early recordings of Felix Kubin or even Bruce Haack. Allthough, on "mini" the tunes are more reduced and instrumental.
silkscreened C26 in stencilprinted cover - sold out

Latest recordings of these two electric dogs. heavy halting beats and strobe fur, pretty rough edited. released on the occasion of our Portugal tour in May, last few copies.
green C30 in stencilprined cover - sold out

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