Sunday, June 3, 2012

new cassettes by Indias Indios + Blodfet & DJ Lonely

Benjamin Altermatt Zordan alias Indias Indios is a world traveler and sound recordist from Chile, currently based in Berlin. With "Vulcano Di Notte" he has created an ecstatic collage of tape loops, street life situations and lava flood, mixing found material from his travels, field recordings, videotaped sounds and movie soundtracks. The tape consists of 9 clearly separated songs where Benjamin uses his tape players as instruments, sampling and cutting up material from his archive into unpredictable compositions that gain a lot from repeated listening, meaning there is a lot to explore here. Also included are an english and an italian poem.
grey c54 in stencilprinted cover / second edition with a couple new tracks on the B side and screenprinted roundabout  for free download here

BLODFET & DJ LONELY (feat. Tantao & Baba Electronica)
Jonas Ohlsson is a Swede living in Amsterdam, where he is hyperactive as a DJ, artist and godfather of the multifacetted parking garage rooftop festival Fat Form and the art/music/life collective FUCK. Blending subtle electronics, jazzy synths and his characteristic spoken word type of singing he has here made a very personal album, taking us deep into his intimate brain waves. The heavier tracks on the B-side feature Baba Electronica and São Paulo MC Tantao on vocals. Jonas has been releasing cassettes since the late 1980's, back then in the duo Enema & Gejonte with Kai Parviainen (Enema Syringe), and he is part of the Börft Records family.
blue c30 in stencilprinted cover