Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tape released on the occasion of a recent US tour, collecting explorations of jazzy beat tracks, uptempo marimba sequences and brass synths. Special "flip less" edition with A and B combined on each side.  
C60 in xeroxed cover

tour dates
2.5. NYC - Trans-Pecos (w/ Unicorn Hard-On, Via App)
5.5. Philadelphia - The Cabbage Patch (w/ Form A Log, Return of the Wolf)
6.5. Baltimore - Tribal Haus (w/ Form A Log, Ro, Lent, Gurl Crush)
7.5. Richmond - Auxiliary (w/ Form A Log, Soft Target, Olivia Neutron John, Radiator Greys, Oracle +, Hunnie Bunnies, Dave Public)
8.-9.5. Chapel Hill - Savage Weekend (w/ a million more)
10.5. Nashville - Rat Snake Lodge (w/ Form A Log, No Milk)
11.5. St Louis - William A Kerr Foundation (w/ Form A Log)
13.5. Chicago - Emporium Barcade (w/ Form A Log, Moth Cock)
14.5. Cleveland - Euclid Tavern (w/ Form A Log)
15.5. Washington - Union Arts (w/ Form A Log, Patricia, 51717, Protect-U, Xerome, Cube, Nick Klein, Miguel Alvarino, Pure Matrix)
16.5. Providence - Thee Eldritch (w/ Cube, Forced Into Femininity, 

Some Pepper, Time Ghost, Dawn Raid)
20.5. Providence - The Red Room (w/ Hand of Food, Oracle +, Hunnie Bunnies)
27.5. Northampton - The Basement
29.5. Boston - Deep Thoughts JP (w/ Container, Unicorn Hard-On)
30.5. NYC - Trampoline (w/ Die Reihe, Tether, Indias Indios, Cybercraft)