Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Girlseeker, Hungry Soul, Dogleather

Vinyl version of a cassette previously released by ENDURANCE of Copenhagen's reptilian synthpop maniacs Girlseeker.  
Alexander Fnug Olsen: Vocals & Guitar 
Simon van Deurs Forman: Keyboard
Jonas Frederiksen: Keyboard
full color 3mm spine cover with b/w inner sleeve - 12 euros

Deep and mesmerizing acidic electro from Antwerp, Belgium. 9 tracks played on synths and drum machines by Eric Stroheim. 
black c52 in stencilprinted cover

While Griffin Pyn (Sewn Leather) and Max Eisenberg (DJ Dog Dick) visited Amsterdam last spring they recorded this killer cassette full of out there electronics and freeform rap insanity. Siren attack, beat mania and filthy rhymes straight from the scrapbook.
slimy green c20 in stencilprinted cover