Friday, August 17, 2012

Marcel Du Swamp tape & Tom Carter benefit

New cassette by Baltimore's Chris Shields, bringing us vibrant synth wanderings and two noisy rap tracks full of buzz and twang. Du Swamp is a touring buddy of Sewn Leather and DJ Dog Dick, which makes perfect sense if you hear his music. A whirlwind of feedback drenched beats, homemade electronics and cumulative vocals. This reminds me of the moment when a meteorite containing alien DNA just hits the earth and shapes an early crater.
C15 in stencilprinted cover

A benefit for Tom Carter.

18th of august, 2pm !!
@ Bar à Bateau, Boot Tenace, Houtdok Zuidkaai, Eilandje, Antwerpen

Head Of Wantastiquet, Silvester Anfang II, Jean DL, Moemlien,
Ignatz , Fyoelk, Majjem DJ's, Snippers & Ludo Mich,
Dolphins Into The Future, Gonzalez & Steenkiste,
Dj Tommy, Floris Vanhoof / W Ravenveer,
DJ Backstabber, Innercity, Sheldon Siegel,
Dj Hank (Poppers), Bird People

+ Many more surprises and acts
+ dj’s + food + drinks
+ binge drinking sessions
+ declarations
+ … 

Entrance / Donation fee 5euros (or more)