Sunday, September 9, 2012

 For the 3rd edition we're happy to announce a VERY RARE performance by legendary Swedish electropop/acid house trio FRAK, the release party of a new 12" by Berlin's casio wizard HEATSICK and a solo performance by Amsterdam resident JORDASH (of Juju & Jordash).

 FRAK (Karlskrona, Sweden)
Started by a couple of 13 year olds back in 1987, FRAK has over 25 years released an incredible amount of records and cassettes, mainly through Börft Records, an institution in Swedish synth weirdness run by Jan Svensson, one of the group's members. In all these years FRAK have kept exploring electronic dance music and intensified their characteristic sound, blending influences of synth pop, industrial and early house into a twisted form of dance madness.

Steven Warwick performs solo under the moniker Heatsick. He uses various instruments including voice, keyboard and percussion to create saturated washes of tone, floating and disintegrating entropic loops, while also using deliberately broken continuity as a playful, live conceptual gesture. The project is focused on repetition as a means of creating abstraction, improvising with organic variations of a theme, yet embracing the artificial to facilitate a psychedelic mindshift. The music references a palette of sources from Musique Concrete and Psychedelia, through to the early Chicago House mix tapes, creating a unique and compelling sound.

JORDASH (Juju & Jordash)
rare solo performance from one half of cosmic wanderers Juju & Jordash... synths, drum machines and a head full of smoke...

we'll be present with tapes, records
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